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Summary of My Expertise

I am one of the foremost experts on VISTA and RPMS outside of VA and IHS. I have the unique distinction of having set-up multiple systems from the ground up. Today, I support VISTA and RPMS users.

My software

Historically, most software I have written is in MUMPS due to my involvement in VISTA and RPMS. In the same arena, I have written software in C#, Javascript/HTML, Delphi, Java and Python. Prior to getting involved in medical software, I wrote some stuff in ASP.net.

Today, I work on a C codebase and a lot of scripting around it.

These are some of the big open source projects that I worked on.


UTF-8 and VISTA (outdated now; see Plan VI below)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Plan VistA Internationalization (Plan VI)

The summary of all this work can be found here.


A sizable collection of VISTA and RPMS set-up articles can be found on my page on Vistapedia.

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Installing VistA

  1. Install Cache
  2. Install GT.M
  3. Install VistA on GT.M
  4. Initialize VistA
  5. Setup Clinics
  6. Setup MAS Parameters
  7. Setup Wards
  8. Admit Patients to Hospital
  9. Update a VistA System
  10. Set-up HL7 in VistA

Educational Resouces on VistA