Sam Habiel's Curriculum Vitae

Sam Habiel
West Chester, PA, US
sam dot habiel (at) gmail dot com


Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, May 2004
St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
Jamaica, New York
Cumulative GPA: 3.93

NJ Pharmacy License
May 2005-Present
License # RI 29960


Operating Systems
  • Proficient in Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux (Red Hat and Debian)
Medical Informatics
  • Proficient in VISTA and RPMS database set-up; proficient in most clinical applications.
  • Familiar with Medical Informatics concepts, especially those concerning Pharmacy applications.
  • Familiar with concepts in HL7 2.X versions and HL7 FHIR.
Programming Languages
  • Proficient in C#, MUMPS, Delphi, Javascript
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, XML, XPath, XSLT
  • Proficient in SQL, HL7
  • Proficient in version control concepts. Used Git, SVN.
  • Familiar with C, Python, Java
  • Familiar with these build systems: Make and CMake
  • Familiar with these scripting languages: Bash and Csh
  • Familiar with these PDLs: PCL 5, HPGL, ZPL II
Notable Open Source Portfolio


December 2020-Present

Staff Developer/VistA SQL Support
Malvern, PA

  • Help with development and support of YottaDB database and Octo SQL Reporting Engine (Languages: C, SQL, tcsh, bash)
  • Support end-users with issues relating to using YottaDB/Octo and VistA
March 2019-November 2020

VistA/Cerner Integration Developer (VA EHRM Project)
Medicasoft LLC
Arlington, VA

  • Developed and deployed an HL7-based solution to report Radiology and Consult results from VistA to Cerner, including go-live support
  • Integrate SMART-on-FHIR launch into an new VA Java-based Mental Health software for single-sign-on launch from Cerner
April 2017-February 2019

Technical Fellow/Director of Product Managment
Open Source Electronic Health Records Alliance (OSEHRA)
Vienna, VA

  • Direct OSEHRA's Open Source Product Portfolio
  • Serve as Lead VistA and RPMS expert
  • Particpate in numerous open source projects; including but not limited to: VistA Security Technical Working Group; Pharmacy GUI Technical Working Group; and Synthetic Patients Project Group
  • Led an effort to internationalize VistA, including implementing Unicode, addressing date formats and number formats
  • Address Open Source Licensing Issues for multiple projects
January 2014-March 2017

Document Storage Systems through VISTA Expertise Network
Seattle, WA

  • Serve as Lead Pharmacy Programmer for the New York State implementation of VISTA
  • Serve as Lead Printing Configuration expert for VISTA
  • Serve as a member of the Go-Live team with presence at most go-lives for VISTA, for both training and go-live support
April 2012-March 2017

Director of Technology
VISTA Expertise Network
Seattle, WA

  • Serve as Lead Programmer for VISTA and RPMS software
  • Perform validation and verification for new community VISTA software
  • Advise on software use and modification in various environments
  • Teach MUMPS and VISTA Programming as part of online classes
  • Provide work estimates as part of Requests for Proposals
July 2011-October 2011

IntraCare South Hospital
Houston, TX

  • Implemented VISTA Inpatient Pharmacy
  • Assisted with ADT processes, including customizing some ADT VISTA options to better suit a mental health hospital
January 2010-June 2011

Electronic Health Solutions
Amman, Jordan

  • Taught MUMPS and Fileman and other VISTA topics to local programmers
  • Advised on the implementation of VISTA in Jordan
  • Modified VISTA to meet localization and internationalization requirements
  • Taught and assisted in the set-up of CPRS for go-live
  • Assisted in the configuration of Outpatient Pharmacy for go-live
  • Researched configuration of various printers in order for them to work with non-ASCII-encoded data
  • Developed the GUI Scheduling software (see below) to behave in a culturally appropriate way
  • Added many new features to GUI Scheduling
November 2007-January 2010

Volunteer for WorldVistA

  • Wrote MUMPS code to export Demographics and Medications from VISTA or RPMS to a Continuity of Care Record (CCR)
  • Ported on RPMS to VISTA on both Cache and GT.M implementations of the M language
  • Ported the Scheduling Graphical User Interface developed by Indian Health Service to VISTA
August 2008-October 2009

Clinical Applications Coordinator
Yakama Indian Health Clinic
Toppenish, WA

  • Provided technical support for users of Clinical Software (mainly RPMS) at the clinic
  • Extracted data for various metrics for clinic activities from RPMS
  • Evaluated and mapped workflow and suggested improvements; many improvements involved the better utilization of information technology
  • Taught users about new features of RPMS
  • Beta-tested new RPMS modules prior to national release
  • Fully implemented VISTA Imaging scanning to make external paper-based records viewable in our Electronic Health Record interface
October 2005-July 2008

Pharmacist/Clinical Applications Coordinator
Colville Indian Health Center
Nespelem, WA

As a pharmacist:

  • Selected, dispensed and compounded drugs based upon the interpretation of a licensed prescribers’ orders
  • Provided patient education concerning the proper use and storage of medications
  • Maintained and suggested changes to the formulary through the local Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee

As a Clinical Applications Coordinator:

  • Led the successful implementation of the IHS Electronic Health Record at the Colville Indian Health Center.
  • Implemented various clinical RPMS packages, including CPHAD, iCare and the Scheduling GUI
  • Led the successful Implementation of VISTA Imaging Document Scanning
  • Assisted in the creation of the initial set of Policy and Procedures for EHR and VISTA Imaging
  • Participated in the beta-testing of RPMS packages
January 2004-July 2005

St. John’s University
Jamaica, NY

  • Constructed a prototype database on MS Access to manage Experiential Rotation Data
  • Constructed an application to randomize and place students into rotations of their choice
  • Constructed a data-driven website to collect and analyze site evaluations from students
  • Constructed a website to enable students, preceptors, and administrators to view placement data according to their respective permissions
June 2004-July 2004

Summer Intern
Analysis Group Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts

February 2001- September 2003

Pharmacy Intern
Montefiore Medical Center
Bronx, New York



Presentation Presented at
Using TRM Approved Software to Load Synthetic Patients into VistA for Testing
August 2019 OSEHRA Innovation Webinar
VistA Internationalization Project Short Summary
2019 OSEHRA Summit, Bethesda, Maryland
RPMS Immunizations Package
2018 OSEHRA Summit, Bethesda, Maryland
One-Click Deployment of VistA Development Sandbox in Azure Cloud
June 2018 OSEHRA Innovation Webinar
PPS-N For the VistA Community
April 2018 OSEHRA Innovation Webinar
IHS RFI on RPMS Discussion
January 2018 OSEHRA Innovation Webinar
Introducing Panorama
2017 OSEHRA Summit, Bethesda, Maryland
Challenges with VISTA use outside of the US
2017 OSEHRA Summit, Bethesday, Maryland
27th VISTA Community Meeting, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
2011 VISTA Expo & Symposium, Seattle, Washington
How Objective are Drug-Drug Interactions?
WSPA 2016 Annual Meeting, Snohomish, Washington
Cryptography in VISTA
30th VISTA Community Meeting, UC Davis, Sacramento, California
2014 OSEHRA Summit, Bethesda, Maryland
CS Tools
27th VISTA Community Meeting, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
2013 VISTA Expo & Symposium, Seattle, Washington
Fileman 22.2
26th VISTA Community Meeting, UC Davis, Sacramento, California
Second Annual Open Source EHR Summit & Workshop, Bethesda, Maryland
Integrating EWD with VISTA
2011 VISTA Expo & Symposium, Seattle, Washington
MUMPS-based RESTful Web Services
27th VISTA Community Meeting, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
Second Annual Open Source EHR Summit & Workshop, Bethesda, Maryland
2013 VISTA Expo & Symposium, Seattle, Washington
RxNorm for VISTA
19th VISTA Community Meeting, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland
Pharmacy Informatics VA Conference, April 2010, San Diego, California