Download and Install GT.M

Authors: KS Bhaskar

License: GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later (

The instructions are taken from the GT.M Acculturation Workshop. They have been only slightly modified.

Using the Package Manager

If you are using Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS or later; or Debian Jessie, Testing, or Unstable; or other Linux distributions that may already have GT.M packages accessed using their normal package managers, you may be able to install GT.M using the package manager, e.g., as root/via sudo, apt install fis-gtm.

Using the Installation Script

The installation script, gtminstall, is downloads and installs the current GT.M release. From, download the latest version of the GT.M installer (currently version 0.13) into a temporary directory, either using a browser, or a program such as wget, and execute it.

Depending on your network configuration the wget command may need environment variables to be set to go through proxy servers, and the sudo command may require the -E option to pass your shell environment to root process invoked by the sudo.

$ mkdir /tmp/tmp $ cd /tmp/tmp /tmp/tmp$ wget ... /tmp/tmp$ chmod +x gtminstall /tmp/tmp$ sudo ./gtminstall --utf8 default [sudo] password for gtmuser: /tmp/tmp$ ls -l /usr/lib/fis-gtm total 12 dr-xr-xr-x 5 root root 8192 Nov 13 10:57 V6.2-000_x86_64 /tmp/tmp$ cd $

Traditional Technique

First download GT.M for 64-bit GNU/Linux on the x86_64 platform from Source Forge. These instructions are based on V6.2-000; you can use it or any more recent GT.M release. Download it to a temporary directory, e.g., /tmp, with the wget program:

$ wget -P /tmp

Then create a temporary directory and unpack the contents of the tarball into it. If you installed GT.M using the gtminstall technique, you should already have a /tmp/tmp directory.

$ mkdir /tmp/tmp $ cd /tmp/tmp /tmp/tmp$ tar zxf ../gtm_V62000_linux_x8664_pro.tar.gz /tmp/tmp$

Then install GT.M in /usr/lib/fis-gtm/V6.2-000_x86_64. Note that this must be done as root.

/tmp/tmp$ sudo ./configure [sudo] password for gtmuser: GT.M Configuration Script Copyright 2009, 2014 Fidelity Information Services, Inc. Use of this software is restricted by the provisions of your license agreement. What user account should own the files? (bin) root What group should own the files? (bin) root Should execution of GT.M be restricted to this group? (y or n) n In what directory should GT.M be installed? /usr/lib/fis-gtm/V6.2-000_x86_64 Directory /usr/local/lib/fis-gtm/V6.2-000_x86_64 does not exist. Do you wish to create it as part of this installation? (y or n) y Installing GT.M.... Should UTF-8 support be installed? (y or n) y Should an ICU version other than the default be used? (y or n) n All of the GT.M MUMPS routines are distributed with uppercase names. You can create lowercase copies of these routines if you wish, but to avoid problems with compatibility in the future, consider keeping only the uppercase versions of the files. Do you want uppercase and lowercase versions of the MUMPS routines? (y or n) y Creating lowercase versions of the MUMPS routines. ./CHK2LEV.m ---> ./chk2lev.m ./CHKOP.m ---> ./chkop.m ./GENDASH.m ---> ./gendash.m ... ./_UCASE.m ---> ./_ucase.m ./_UTF2HEX.m ---> ./_utf2hex.m ./_XCMD.m ---> ./_xcmd.m Compiling all of the MUMPS routines. This may take a moment. Object files of M routines placed in shared library /usr/local/lib/fis-gtm/V6.2-000_x86_64/ Keep original .o object files (y or n)? n Installation completed. Would you like all the temporary files removed from this directory? (y or n) y /tmp/tmp$ cd /tmp/tmp$

GT.M is now installed and operational.

At this point, you are ready to continue to Install VistA on GT.M.